Genius! Build Your Own Computer

“It’s mine, all mine!” That’s what you’ll be saying after taking this class. Learn to build a Personal Computer from scratch. You can do it! This class is as much for someone who spends all day on a computer as it is for someone who only has a casual interest in electronics. No computer experience is necessary, and we will provide you with all the parts you need (brand new). Not only do you get to build the computer, but you will also install and configure the operating system while exploring various networking options such as port forwarding. At the completion of the course, all the students will take the IT Fundamentals Certification exam given by CompTIA. The IT Fundamentals certification from CompTIA requires knowledge of both hardware and software, and this course is a great way to establish a strong foundation for exploring those concepts. Best of all, at the end of the course, you get to take home your very own PC. Wow your friends as you surf the internet, play games, and write book reports, all on a machine you built! Caution: This course may result in relatives turning to you for computer support.

Age Group

13, 14, 15, 16

Who will like this Course?

Build Your Own Computer is perfect for any student who wants to dive beneath the surface of standard computer-user knowledge to master the arcane mysteries of both hardware and software. A desire to pass the IT Fundamentals certification exam will play a major factor in enjoying this course.

Recommended Prerequisites

Basic understanding of PC or Mac operating system, familiarity with Internet, and handiness with a screwdriver.

On or Before April 3, 2023
$ 555 (includes computer parts to build the computer)
April 4, 2023 to May 22, 2023
$ 575 (includes computer parts to build the computer)
On or After May 23, 2023
$ 595 (includes computer parts to build the computer)

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