2D Video Game Design with Flowlab

Does your child love video games? In this class, we will channel that passion by having them learn to build their own! Together with like-minded students, they will build simple video games step-by-step, experimenting with specific tasks and movements, and sharing gameplay with their peers, while learning important STEM concepts of design, problem-solving, and trial/error. They will learn to use the accessible game design program Flowlab — no coding required — a platform used by many professional game designers to prototype new builds. All games will be stored online, so students can gain access after class ends, and, if their game is approved, upload it to Google Play or the Apple Store!

Age Group

10, 11, 12, 13

Who will like this Course?

Anybody would like to sharpen their skills with digital images. Kids who love to edit their digital photos, future game designers, and web developers will all enjoy this course.

Recommended Prerequisites

Basic understanding of PC or Mac operating system and familiarity with Internet.

On or Before April 3, 2023
$ 295
April 4, 2023 to May 22, 2023
$ 305
On or After May 23, 2023
$ 325

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