¡La vida loca! (Spanish III for ages 9-12)

Students will learn incrementally new vocabulary related to family, school life, and commonly used expressions. Will engage in basic conversation and be able to express likes and dislikes about familiar topics. Will practice and expand on previously learned foundational topics and common expressions. Students will use verbs and developing basic Spanish grammar, including forms of the verb "ser" (to be) and other high frequency verbs in their infinitive forms, such as “leer” (to read), “cantar” (to sing), “ver” (to see), and “escribir” (to write). We will also learn verb phrases to express continuing action in the present tense while acquiring new vocabulary and phrases to talk about celebrations and culture. Demonstrating comprehension of oral directions and commands, we will communicate using complete sentences, and applying class vocabulary to reading, writing, and speaking activities from thematic units. Our age-appropriate material includes a book and workbook.

Age Group

09, 10, 11, 12

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On or Before April 1, 2024
$ 279
April 2, 2024 to May 20, 2024
$ 289
On or After May 21, 2024
$ 299

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